4 Weaknesses that Will Kill Your Ability to Close BIG Deals

4 Weaknesses that Will Kill Your Ability to Close BIG Deals

Hey Friend - too many people think they need another "strategy" to improve their close rate ❌, when in reality...80% of your success depends on THIS…⬇️


I’ve hired hundreds of salespeople in my career as an executive and one of the most powerful tools I used to identify top-performing sales reps was an assessment that measured their “Sales DNA.” 🧬


This assessment wasn’t focused on evaluating their sales skills and their ability to close deals.  This assessment narrowed in on what goes on between their ears 🧠 and identified weaknesses that could hinder their success in a commission-only, high-ticket sales role. 


Why am I sharing this with you? Because as a business owner, you're absolutely in a “commission-only, high-ticket” sales role! If you don’t bring in the money, your family doesn’t eat – it’s as simple (and daunting) as that. 💯


I’ve never seen a perfect score in all of the assessments I’ve given. Everyone deals with these weaknesses at some level the goal is to quickly identify what’s blocking you from taking your business to the next level (and decide to push through it!)



4 Weaknesses that Will Kill Your Ability to Close BIG Deals Consistently:


 #1 - NEED FOR APPROVAL - You hesitate to push back in sales conversations and ask the tough questions because you’re concerned you may “offend them” or you feel like you have to earn the right or build enough “rapport” to dig in and ask personal questions about why they need your help. 😰


 THE TRUTH: You aren’t in business to make friends, you’re in business to make an impact and help people change their lives through your product and/or service. You can’t help anyone if you’re more concerned about keeping the peace in tough conversations when you should be asking the hard questions. 💪




 #2 – NON-SUPPORTIVE BELIEFS –You let your survival brain 🧠 drive your decisions, so most days you “play it safe” and you end up with a business that provides “just enough” for your family instead of building one of abundance. 💰 Maybe you think no one is buying right now because of this economy – if that’s one of your beliefs, you’re going to have a very hard getting anyone to buy from you. 💯


THE TRUTH: You get to decide what you want to believe every single day!  Barbara (my own inner bully/survival brain) has been especially loud lately 🙄. You have to take control of your thoughts every day as soon as your eyes open. 👀 What will you decide to believe about yourself today to take big bold action in your business? What will you decide to believe about this economy and what’s possible? 💥




 #3 – UNCOMFORTABLE DISCUSSING MONEY – You feel like you’re prying or being nosy when it comes to talking about money with your prospective clients. 🧐 So, you dance around the topic or you avoid it altogether (This was the biggest weakness I had to overcome early on in my sales career!) Because you’re avoiding it, you have zero clarity about your prospective client's real financial capabilities to buy from you – 😶‍🌫️ resulting in a muddy sales pipeline and big shortfalls in hitting your sales targets. 


 THE TRUTH: You are doing your prospective clients a disservice if you don’t talk about all things money – their current business revenue, their income, liquidity, savings, budgets, etc. 💵 They actually expect you to ask them these questions – it’s weird if you don’t! If you are uncomfortable talking about money, it’s probably because you have some subconscious beliefs 🧠about money from your childhood that you’ve got to deal with if you want to take your business to the next level. (For more help, check out this article on How to Talk About Money With Prospective Clients) 




 #4 – INABILITY TO QUICKLY RECOVER FROM REJECTION  You thought for sure you were going to have a huge sales month, and when it’s all said and done, you came way under your target. 📉 Then you get down on yourself and internalize this failure in your “role” as a business owner and you make it personal and turn it into “I’m a failure.” 😩 Cue "Barbara’s" ridiculousness and intrusive thoughts 🧠”Are you sure you’re really cut out for this?” / “If you can’t even hit this raise target, there’s no chance you’re replacing your W2 income.” / “Your team is really disappointed in you.” Now you’re spiraling 😵‍💫 and one small failure turns into weeks of shrinking back and playing small in your business.👎


 THE TRUTH: Failure is inevitable in business. If you’re not failing, it’s because you’re playing it safe! 📣 Failing in your “role” as a business owner has nothing to do with who you are at your core – your “identity.” The spiral happens when you attach your performance in your “roles” to your identity and how you see yourself. 👓 You are a 10/10 – you were born a winner! And regardless of how you perform in your roles, at your core, you already have and you already are everything you need to be to achieve your highest levels of success. 🏆 Winners find a way to win – they play the game at a higher level – they push themselves – they embrace failure because at least it means they are in the arena! 💪



Ok Friend, it's time for an honest conversation with yourself…


👉 Are any of these 4 weaknesses getting in the way of your success? 

👉 Are you proud of how you show up to your business?  

👉 If you see an area that needs some work, what are you willing to do to change it? 


And if you haven’t told yourself this yet today, let me remind you… 


You are a champion. 

You always find a way to win. 

You have what it takes.

You are enough. 

You are worth your goals.

And your dream business is just around the corner. 


I promise you that the greatest rewards in life come from stepping up and playing BIG. 


I’m rooting for you – and I’ll see you in the Arena!