How to Talk About Money in Sales Conversations

How to Talk About Money in Sales Conversations

When my sales coach said this to me, I was totally offended!


He said, "Keeley – you have 'money tolerance' issues and it's costing you! I replied, “What does that mean?”


He said, “You aren’t comfortable talking about money.”  My gut reaction was offended and completely disagreed with him (insert ego).  


At this point in my career, I was ranked in the highest level of sales at the company I worked for, bringing in millions of dollars of revenue per year, and obviously expected to know what I was doing.


My coach had been listening to my recorded sales calls and noticed how much I hesitated, delayed, and danced around bringing up money.


I remember having this anxious feeling – unsure how to bring it up and it always felt awkward. I felt like I was prying or being nosy or that I would offend them.


Have you ever felt this awkwardness in your conversations?



You know you need to ask your prospects about their budget to fix their problem - if the money is readily available - and where the money would come from – but you hesitate to bring it up.  


Here’s the deal though – how in the heck are you going to be successful in business and sales if you don’t like talking to people about their money?! 


Don’t worry my friend, – we’re going to fix it! Keep reading. 




Where does this money hesitation come from? 


Picture this… you’re 7 years old and your uncle drives up in a brand-new sports car. It looks just like one of your favorite hot wheels cars you play with every day. 


You say – “Wow! I love your new car! How much did that cost?”  


Your parents quickly hush you and say “Don’t ask that – it’s not polite to talk about money.” 


This is just one of many examples of beliefs we hold from our childhood that can get in the way of our success in sales conversations! 




I know you want to feel more confident in your conversations – you want to feel like you’re truly helping people and get rid of this nagging anxiousness around money. 


Here are 3 simple steps to fix it for good and have easier conversations that turn into cash – 


1) You first have to recognize that certain things you were taught in your childhood don’t hold true in business and sales. If it doesn’t serve you, let it go. 


2) You have to realize that your potential clients expect you to ask them about money. You’d be doing them a disservice to not talk about it – AND it could break trust with them if you don’t ask because it’s an obvious topic of conversation when discussing how you can help them. 


3) Use this simple talk track below to eliminate any anxiousness you may feel and keep your prospect at ease so you can turn your conversation into cash! 


🔹🔹 “Obviously the type of work we do to help clients like yourself - involves an investment of not only time but money too. So, I'm curious - how do we talk about money in a way that makes you feel comfortable?" 🔹🔹


I’ve been successfully using this talk track for more than a decade and every time I’ve used it, my prospective client responds by saying – “Well let’s just talk about it”, or “let’s put it on the table”, or “I’m comfortable talking about it – what do you need to know?” 


Put this into action in your next sales conversation and you’ll feel the tension completely disappear! 


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