Episode 10: The #1 Sales Rule to Never Forget

If this component doesn’t exist in your sales conversations, you’re going to have a hard time getting people to have a sense of urgency to make a change and do business with you.

The path to closing more deals starts with understanding what really motivates people to buy anything.

Hint: It’s NOT the features and benefits of your product or service or how it can change their life.

Check out this episode and learn:

  • Exactly what motivates people to say yes and buy from you
  • How to ask strategic questions to uncover those reasons
  • How to qualify prospects early so you’re not wasting your time pitching yourself to someone who isn’t going to buy
  • Why prospects don’t have urgency and how to change that

Pitch Less, ask more questions and help your prospect peel the onion. They will thank you for it, you’ll earn their respect, and you’ll close more sales and create dependable and predictable income!

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