Episode 7: When the stakes are high, bet on YOU

Picture this…you have 6 minutes to pitch your product/service to a panel of high-profile experts in your industry – there’s a $600K prize, and everyone is counting on you not to screw it up.


Listen in as I share a recent story from Standing in the Arena – the good, the bad, the ugly, AND most importantly, the (4) lessons I learned that will inspire you to keep raising the bar in your business, so you can achieve the highest levels of success!


4 Lessons from the Arena:

1.    Immediately decide which voice you’re going to listen to

2.    Absolute certainty and commitment are more important than the details 

3.    Take riskier bets on yourself 

4.    How to detach from the outcome so you enjoy the journey

+ Bonus speaking tip to quickly engage your audience & calm your nerves

Every time you say yes to the Arena, you build and strengthen your emotional fitness. You prove to yourself what you’re truly capable of when the stakes are high, and you prepare yourself for bigger arenas that will present themselves in the future.

All you have to do is say YES – I promise you’ll always figure out the “how.”

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