Episode 6: Why You’re Feeling Resistance From Your Prospects (and what to do instead)

Most people can’t stand salespeople because they’re pushy, slimy, aggressive, manipulative, talk too much, force their product or service on anyone who will listen…the list goes on and on. Because of this slimy sales behavior, people put their walls up and avoid anything that feels like a sales conversation at all costs.

Buyers/consumers actually have their own secret playbook of rules to avoid salespeople and the cringy feeling of “being sold” in their pursuit to buy something they want or need. If you want to be successful in sales, you’ve got to know the rules of the buyer’s secret playbook!

Once you understand how they play the game, you’ll be able to navigate sales conversations without triggering them into shutting down and putting their walls up.

Becoming the anti-salesman or anti-saleswoman is the name of the game!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The secret 4-step process prospects use to dodge sales conversations
  • How salespeople and business owners fall into the trap of providing “free consulting” to prospects who have no intention of buying from them
  • Faulty sales training strategies you need to drop ASAP because they’re costing you money and creating unnecessary stress
  • (3) simple tips to have better sales conversations that result in closed deals and happy clients

This episode will give you the confidence you’ve been hoping for, that you can be wildly successful in sales without ever acting like the typical salesperson!


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