Episode 3: DNA of a Sales Champion

Attention sales executives, sales leadership, AND business owners – this is an episode you won’t want to miss!

If someone on your sales team is struggling, it could be because of something completely unrelated to what they’re actually saying in their sales conversations. The key to getting them back on track and hitting their revenue targets is being able to identify which one of these (6) weaknesses has them stuck.

  1.   The Need to Be Liked (Approval)
  2.   The Tendency to Get Emotionally Involved
  3.   Self-Limiting Beliefs
  4.   Non-Supportive Buy Cycle
  5.   Uncomfortable Discussing Money
  6.   Inability to Quickly Recover from Rejection

This “Sales Champion DNA” list will especially come in handy when you’re hiring new sales reps. If you want less turnover and more high-performers, tune into this episode as I share the (6) weaknesses to avoid when hiring, and (3) key mindsets to help you and your sales team win!


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