Why You're Playing Small in Your Business and How To Get Unstuck

Why You're Playing Small in Your Business & How to Get Unstuck

Hey Friend,


This is not at all what I had planned for this week's blog post, but I really felt deep down someone out there needed to hear this message, so here we go...


This is why you’re feeling stuck and depressed. 


You’re doing ALL the things…you’ve bought tons of books, watched hundreds of YouTube videos, listened to countless podcasts, enrolled in masterclasses and programs, you're going to numerous events…


But you still feel stuck. You’re anxious to pull the trigger and actually go for it. And your inner bully is doing a great job of trying to convince you that you don’t know enough yet to start - or you don't know enough to get to the next level of your business. 


You’re worried if you put yourself out there that no one will listen or respond. The truth is deep down you’re terrified that you’re not enough and you’re not cut out for this.



How do I know? I’ve been there, friend! I quit corporate at the peak of my career to start a business with partners. And just like my career in sales, I poured everything I had into this new venture – emotionally and financially. 


I thought that for the first time, I would truly be rewarded proportionally for my efforts. My motivation wasn’t to build myself an empire. Even though I had lived the lavish lifestyle, it didn’t bring me happiness. My motivation was to provide for my family, and I wanted this as badly as I wanted to breathe. 


So, you can imagine my shock when everything completely and abruptly fell apart. 


After more than a year of grueling hours and tireless effort, I felt overwhelming grief when my partners and I suddenly split, never even launching the business.


I evaluated the sacrifices I made when I stepped into this arena. Within 30 days, I had sold my custom dream home and all of my belongings completely emptied my life savings, and additionally took on six-figure debt to help fund the start-up.


While those sacrifices were substantial, they paled in comparison to the painful emotions I experienced as I buried my dream and closed the door on this chapter in my life. 



I know what it feels like to be spinning – to deal with the nagging thoughts racing through your mind wondering if you really have what it takes to be successful. 


Deep down I knew God was calling me to start my own sales coaching business – but I was terrified of putting myself out there – especially after falling flat on my face in my first venture. 


So, what did I do? Convinced myself I needed to read another marketing book, attend another conference, buy another course…make sure I was really ready. I stalled and stalled…and because of it, I felt stuck – I’ll even go as far as saying I felt depressed.


Here's why I felt so low – I was consuming vs. creating. Your Creator didn’t design you to consume – He created you to CREATE and contribute to this beautiful world you’re living in. 


When we create and build, we feel alive because we’re growing, and progress = happiness. 




Here’s the truth – you’re never ready. And hopefully, this will make you feel better – no one really knows what they’re doing in business! 


I’ve coached and been coached by multi-millionaires and every one of them will admit to you that they don’t have it all figured out – but they’re choosing to take action and move forward every day. 


Can I encourage you today, friend?


🔷 It’s time.

🔷 It’s time for you to take action and apply what you’ve learned. 

🔷 It’s time for you to put yourself out there and share your message with the world. 

🔷 It’s time to create and build your dream.

🔷 It’s time for you to play the game at a higher level. 

🔷 It’s time for you to believe in yourself and see your own value. 

🔷 It’s time for you to make big, bold moves for your future.


I promise you’ll figure it out – and with each step you take, the next step will reveal itself. Just. Keep. Moving. 


I truly believe God is simply waiting for us to recognize the gifts He’s given us and the path He’s laid out for our lives.  Will you share your gifts with the world?  This is your season, my friend.  


I’m rooting for you. 





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