How to Sell the Steady Relator Personality Type 🐨 (DiSC Model)

How to Sell the Steady Relator Personality Type (DiSC Model)

Hey Friend,


This specific personality type scares easily. They will tell you everything you want to hear, you'll think they're 100% committed to buying from you, and when it comes time to actually sign the contract and wire funds, they're nowhere to be found. 😩


I'm talking about the "S-Steady Relator" 🐨 type on DiSC personality profiles. If you want to do business with them, learning to speak their language is crucial.




There's a reason you get along really well with certain prospects, while other personality types turn you off, or you struggle to really connect with them.


We are all inherently built with a preferred communication style, and there are 4 specific personas you need to be aware of when selling (from the DiSC Model).


In previous articles, I taught you how to communicate with the "D - Dominant" type 🦁, and the "i - Influencer🐬” - tap on those links if you need a refresher!




Take a look at the DiSC model below - the "S - Steady Relator" 🐨 personality is both introverted and people-oriented when they communicate and interact with others.





Here's what you need to know to identify and effectively communicate with this personality type:


🐨 The Koala is associated with this personality type as a reference point to help you remember the DiSC model.


Fun Fact: 40% of the population is an "S - Steady Relator" on the DiSC model. 


Who they are: The "S" is an introvert who is people-focused when communicating.


How to Identify: Calm, Steady, Laid Back, Listens Carefully, Amiable, Patient, Modest, Indecisive, Trustworthy


Biggest Fear: Aggressive Salespeople / Confrontation / Major Change


How to Communicate with the "S" - 


1️⃣ - Be patient and draw out their opinions (i.e., How do you feel about your current challenges? What are your thoughts on the possibility of making a change and fixing this problem?)


2️⃣ - Relax & allow time for discussion (You will need to meet with them multiple times to get them to a place of comfort - especially if they have been working with another provider or vendor for a long time.)


3️⃣ - Secure commitment step by step (Don't talk to them about why your solution is so much better than what they're currently doing and why they should change things now. Instead, say "Based on what we've talked about with your challenges in your business, do you want my help to explore potential solutions?) 


4️⃣ - Don't pressure them (If they feel pressure from you, it will trigger their biggest fear of dealing with aggressive salespeople. Say this instead: "I want to make sure you have plenty of time to evaluate this and make the best decision for your business. What information do you need from me to help you feel comfortable saying giving this a green light or red light?)


5️⃣ - Don't fail to deliver on your promises (It takes them time to trust you. Keep your word in the small things. I.e., if you tell them you'll email them info they requested by the end of the day, do it. You're depositing currency in their trust bank.)




Before I learned about the power of DiSC, I really struggled to communicate with the Steady Relator. As a "D - Dominant" type, I was the exact opposite of them.


My sales coach actually told me that I was "attacking" people with my words. 🀦🏻‍♀️ He was listening to a recording of one of my sales conversations and I was too direct and aggressive in my approach - (think "Scar" lion instead of "Mufasa" lion 🦁). I was literally scaring these potential clients away! 


Even worse, I was completely unaware of it - these potential clients were really nice and agreeable - they told me everything I wanted to hear, and then they ghosted me. πŸ‘»


Learning DiSC and how to adapt to my potential client's personality type helped me close more deals - and it can do the exact same thing for you, too.


You are going to encounter a lot of Steady Relators when selling! If you want them to turn into raving fans who send you referrals on repeat, you've got to slow down and earn their trust.  




So friend, was this helpful? Let me know - I'd love to hear from you!


To your greatest success and joy in the journey! 



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