How to Sell to the Influencer Personality Type 🐬 (Using the DiSC Model)

How to Sell to the Influencer Personality Type Using DiSC

Hey Friend,


There's a reason you get along really well with certain clients, while other personality types turn you off, or you struggle to really connect with them.


We are all inherently built with a preferred communication style, and there are 4 specific personas you need to be aware of when selling (from the DiSC Model).


Last week you learned how to communicate with the "D - Dominant" type 🦁, and this week you'll learn how to connect to the "i - Influencer." 🐬


Take a look at the DiSC model below - the "i- Influencer" 🐬 personality is both extroverted and people-oriented when they communicate and interact with others.




Here's what you need to know to identify and effectively communicate with this personality type:


🐬 The dolphin is associated with this personality type as a reference point to help you remember the DiSC model. (think "Flipper" 😉)


Fun Fact: 25% - 30% of the population are an "i - Influencer" on the DiSC model. 


Who they are: The "i" is an extrovert who is people-focused when communicating.


How to Identify: Sociable, Talkative, Open, Enthusiastic, Energetic, Spontaneous, Persuasive, Tends to talk more than listen


Biggest Fear: / Being taken advantage of or losing respect /  It's important that when communicating with these types of investors that you make sure they know if it's not a good fit, they can tell you "no" and you'll still be friends at the end of it.


How to Communicate with the "i" - 


1 - Allow time for socializing (ask them how their weekend was, how their kids are doing, etc.)


2 - Ask for feelings and opinions (i.e., How do you feel about this possible solution? What are your thoughts on how you would want this to look in a perfect world? How do you feel about your strategy?)


3 - Lighten up and have fun (If you're a very logical, task-oriented communicator, you're going to need to remember to smile and not be so intense) 


 4 - Do not ignore them (If they email/text/message you, don't leave them on "read" for a long time. They will be offended by your lack of response and/or wonder if you're upset with them).


5 - Set aside time for chatting (I usually block off an additional 15 minutes with these personality types because it's important to talk about more than just business).


6 - Give recognition (If you see them in public or at an event, make a point to go say hi to them and socialize.)


7 - Don't overwhelm them with details - focus on the positive high points. (This personality type wants to have a good time and enjoy the person they're doing business with - they will show up smiling to your meeting, but they don't want to hear about all of the in-depth details of how you plan to fix their problem).



Can you think of someone in your life that is an "i - influencer" personality type? (my Mom is an "i" - the biggest "flipper" you'll ever meet! 🐬) 


These "influencers" will be your biggest cheerleaders and the most positive people you'll ever meet.  I have several "i-Influencers" in my life and in my investor circle, and I'm so grateful to call them friends! 


REMEMBER - Speaking your client's language based on their personality type and how they prefer to interact is the path to selling more!


Stay tuned because next week, we're headed over to the "introverted" side of the DiSC model, and you'll learn how to communicate with the "S" (Steady Relator)!


So, was this helpful? Let me know - I'd love to hear from you! Shoot me an email at [email protected] or tap HERE.


To your greatest success and joy in the journey! 



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