Exclusive Training - Capital Raising Mastery


Listen in to an exclusive training as Keeley joins Ruben Greth, Andy McMullen, and 50+ other real estate entrepreneurs and shares her exclusive capital-raising tips to help you talk to investors with confidence and scale your business!

"Keeley crushed the episode! Thank you Keeley we have gotten amazing feedback and people on social media have been referring to this episode as epic!"

 Here is what we covered in this jam-packed show!

  • How to Start Conversations with Strangers
  • Improving Your Sales Funnel to Increase Your Conversion
  • How to Maximize a Minimal Marketing Budget
  • Emotional vs Logic-Based Selling
  • How to Qualify Your Potential Investors to Prevent Objections
  • Qualifying for Pain
  • Asking the Tough Questions to Earn Trust
  • 5 Fatal Sales Flaws & How to Avoid Them
  • How to Re-Engage Your Investor Database
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