5 Ways to Become Rejection-Proof in Sales

5 Ways to Become Rejection-Proof in Sales

This specific skill is critical to becoming successful in sales. 


What am I talking about? Your ability to hear the word “no”, “not this time”, “no thanks", or any other variation of the word “NO” – over and over again without getting emotionally involved and wanting to quit. ❌


Have you ever found yourself in a funk in your business? You’re burning the candle at all ends, hustling 24/7, you feel like you keep hitting a brick wall, and everyone keeps turning you down and telling you "no."


When you feel like you’re completely out of gas and you want to throw in the towel is exactly when it’s time to activate the “puke & rally” comeback.


This is when you show up full force, when you find your second wind, when you recognize you’re a 4th quarter champion and nothing is going to keep you from the finish line! 💪


This rally toward the finish line is a choice – you’re not going to feel like it – your ego is going to make excuses and tell you to quit. 


4th quarter champions are rejection-proof – they don’t care how many times they hear the word “no,” they keep pressing forward. 





1️⃣ It means you’re really going for it vs holding back and playing small in your business. Nos are inevitable, and you can’t lose something you don’t have, so be bold in your conversations.


2️⃣ You can’t control your prospects' decision to say yes or no, all you can control are your behaviors that drive leads into your sales pipeline. The #1 behavior you should focus on every week is generating new conversations. Conversations = cash.


3️⃣ You can turn a “no” into a “yes.” I’ve taught this concept for many years and one of my clients actually had this happen last week – she flawlessly executed a strategy I taught her to get to the root problem of her prospect's hesitancy. At the end of the conversation, her prospect changed his mind and decided he wanted to be a part of her investment deal (and she didn’t have to push him – he sold himself!)


4️⃣ You can learn a valuable lesson from a “no” and make more money in the future as a result. Early on in my sales career, I decided I wasn’t going to lose the same deal twice. If someone told me no, it usually meant I messed up something in my sales process and it was a great opportunity to fix it! I’d go back and review my checklist to figure out how I could handle the conversation in the future to prevent the deal from blowing up. 


5️⃣ You can get a referral from someone who isn’t ready to do business with you. When they tell you “no”, they feel bad because you have typically spent valuable time with them. The law of reciprocity will cause them to want to do you a favor – so it’s the perfect time to ask them who they know that you can help.


If you want to build a big business and be in the game long-term, you’ve got to become rejection-proof.


I’m hoping that this list of 5 reasons you should love hearing the word “no” will help you reframe the way you look at rejection when it comes to sales. 



If you’re still struggling with rejection and maybe you’re worried about putting yourself out there, it’s time to look inward and figure out what’s driving this fear that’s holding you back.




📌 If they say no, what does that really mean? About you? About your business? (What are the lies you’re telling yourself about what it means – the meaning you’re attaching to it is usually the problem.)


📌 If they say no, how does it affect you and/or your business?


📌 And most importantly…is it true? Are these fears true? Or is it the survival part of your brain trying to protect you from getting hurt?


Think through some of these and let me know what you find out - I promise you, you're not the only one dealing with an inner bully!


Here’s some bonus homework - what can you choose to believe instead of the "head trash" above? What beliefs would support your success in your business? Write out at least 3 of them...


Here’s one to help you get started – “I am a sales champion – no matter what the scoreboard looks like in the 4th quarter, I always find a way to win.”


Alright, my friend – get out there and make bold moves in your business – I’m rooting for you!