3 Strategies to Generate More Referrals & Keep Your Sales Pipeline Full

3 Strategies to Generate Referrals & Keep Your Sales Pipeline Full

Nothing is worse than desperately needing sales at the end of the month or quarter, and your sales pipeline is tapped out. 😩


There are a lot of strategies to find new clients (and I plan on posting more blogs of my best sales tips to do so), but we're going to start with the easiest and most often overlooked strategy.  


Have you ever heard "money doesn't grow on trees?" Well, I'm here to tell you it does, and they're called referral trees! 🌳



Here's the probably know you need to be asking for referrals, but you avoid it because you worried you'll come across as pushy or desperate.


Don't worry - my sales style is never pushy, but it's intentional and strategic, and it works. Below you'll find talk tracks you can implement in your next sales conversation!


3 Strategies to Get More Referrals & Increase Your Sales


1 - Let your clients know early on that your business is built on referrals. Here's how you say it - "It's been great getting to know you - While we have people who reach out that heard us on a podcast or saw something we posted on social media, we don't do a lot of formal marketing - our client community is built primarily on referrals. Could you do me a favor? If you come across someone that you think we could help, would you send them our way?"


2 - Add it to your emails so it's always top of mind for both your clients and your email subscribers. For example, "Do you know someone who could use some help getting rid of [fill in pain point] and achieving [fill in ultimate goal]? Feel free to forward this email to them so they can learn more about what we do - or send them our contact info - we'd be happy to meet them!


3 - Do a client appreciation event (in-person or online) with a special topic of interest. Give each client a VIP pass to bring a friend to the event. At the event, you'll razzle dazzle them with your expertise and amazing content, and you'll get a chance to explain how you help people so they can set up a call with you to learn more.



Referrals are some of the easiest conversations you'll have - they are "warm leads" and already have a sense of trust because their friend/family member already trusts you.


You should never feel like you're scrambling for sales - if you're consistently focused on activities that generate new conversations with potential clients, your capital pipeline will keep flowing.💰


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