9️⃣ Tips to Increase Your Website's Performance (Capital-Raising Chronicles)

9 Tips to Increase Your Website's Performance & Turn Visitors into Convos

Hey Friend - you know one of my favorite sayings when it comes to raising capital is, "If you build it, they will not come." 


What I mean is this: If you want to fill up your next deal with fresh capital and plenty of it, make sure you're having new conversations with people and building relationships - the conversations you're having today will be the capital you need a few months from now.


It doesn't matter how beautiful your website is if no one knows it exists!


Ok now that I got that out of the way, let's talk about websites and what you actually need to make sure your site is converting visitors into conversations and capital!



You work really hard to get people interested in what you do, so when they land on your website, it's crucial that you're set up for success! 



Tip #1If you're starting from scratch, build your site on Wix - you'll thank me later. It's super easy to use so you can make your own edits and never feel held hostage by a web designer. It's also fully integrated so you don't need a separate email marketing system.


Tip #2 - Make sure your site is mobile-optimized. More than 60% of website visits happen on mobile phones - if your site looks janky and it's hard to navigate, people will bounce simply because we have such short attention spans these days. (Wix also makes it easy to format your site on mobile).


Tip #3 - Your website has ONE singular goal: Get someone on a phone call or zoom call with you. Are you distracting them with information overload? Are you sending them off of your website to YouTube to watch your videos or to other social media sites? Are you offering too many freebies (i.e. e-book, checklist, calculator, etc.) without strategically leading them back to your funnel that gets them on a call? Double-check this and tighten up your calls to action.


Tip #4 - Keep the navigation of your site simple. Gone are the days of deep drop-down menus and buried information. The home page should contain the majority of key info that would make someone want to reach out and schedule a call.  Make sure each page is built to drive people back to the primary objective of your website (See Tip #3). (Sample Navigation Bar Other than the Home Page - About, Contact, Resources, Investor Log-in, Invest With Us)


✅ Tip #5 - Add photos of happy, smiley people on your site. It's ok to have some pictures of commercial real estate, but too many will make your site feel sterile and coldPictures evoke emotion, and emotion is what drives decisions (i.e. the decision to say yes to a call and learn more about investing with you!). What does your ideal investor look like? Add photos of happy smiley people that look like them.


✅ Tip #6 - Streamline your font types, colors, and font sizes. This may sound simple, but you'd be surprised how many sites don't have consistency with their branding. Use the same font types across your site - typically you'll have 2-3 font types that work together. Need help with this? Check out this great font-pairing resource HERE. Keep your brand colors consistent throughout your site (White, Navy or Black, and 2-3 other colors - make sure one of them is bright and stands out for Call to Action buttons.) The smallest font size on your website shouldn't be any smaller than size 20 - and that's typically for paragraph text. Don't make your website visitor work too hard to consume your valuable content.


✅ Tip #7 - Don't use language like "Book a Call" - it's 'salesy' and will not result in calls booked! You're running a multi-million dollar investment firm, so you need to use language that represents that and doesn't trigger people with language that sounds like a typical salesperson. Instead, invite them to join your "Investor Club", give them a high-quality freebie (i.e. E-Book), and then explain why they should schedule a call with you (via video is best).  


✅ Tip #8 - Don't violate the 3-second rule. The 3-second rule means you literally have 3 seconds when someone lands on your website for them to decide if it's worth scrolling and reading further. It should be very clear what you do - avoid marketing fluff like "Integrity, Transparency, Results" as this doesn't tell anyone how you can help them. Clarity always wins - i.e. "Helping Seasoned Business Owners Secure a Solid Financial Future Through Apartment Investing"


✅ Tip #9 - Be clear with your "Call to Action" (CTA) buttons.  Avoid vague phrases like "Learn More" or "Get Started" - it doesn't tell your prospective investor what you want them to do. For the men reading this, imagine if you used those vague CTAs in the dating world... "Do you want to learn more?" or "Get Started..." versus, "Do you want to go to dinner with me?" It's a funny analogy, but hopefully, it helps you remember!  Use these instead - Invest With Us /  Become an Investor / Join the Investor Club / Become an Investing Partner / etc.


So friend, which one of these do you plan on taking action on first? Let me know! I'd love to hear from you. 


Always in your corner, 



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